Believe the World Ends This Month? Send Me Your Useless Money!!

I am not one of the people that believes that the world will be ending in a mere 20 days. I’m not, i just plain am not. In my humble opinion, December 21st will come and go like all other days in my life, and a new day will begin on December 22nd, just as they always have in my life.

However, I will not just arbitrarily dismiss others’ beliefs. In fact, I want to help you fine people. If you believe the world is ending on the 21st, I’ll be happy to take the soon to be useless cash off your hands. If you haven’t already begun preparing for the last day, then money is useless to you now: you’ll probably be dead in under a month, just like I will. So, you may as well get rid of your money, and I’ll gladly take it for you, in my vain hope that life will go on afterwards. I’m not talking about holding on to the money for you, so you can hedge your bets: if by some stroke of luck or the grace of God, December 22nd comes around as a normal day after all, I will not return your money. But as that’s a remote chance any way, why not send me your money?

To make things easier and safer for us both, I’ll accept either Bitcoins or Paypal. Send Bitcoins to 1EDVJJnv9AF6GZQYJwchWSZ4d1kjvZi7en . Use the form below to contact me to arrange a PayPal transfer.