Perhaps Verizon will open its eyes now

So, in my note last week chronicling the Verizon Wireless and the Galaxy Nexus Saga, I stated that the phone isn’t the iPhone. And clearly it isn’t. But, according to various reports, the Galaxy Nexus has sold out at some Verizon Wireless, Best Buy, and Radio Shack stores, and it was listed as backordered for 8-9 days on until this morning. For a while today, on Amazon, it’s was backordered for 1-2 months! (Having just checked it again, it’s back to 8-9 days, so someone at Amazon must have entered a huge order for them! ) No, it’s not an iPhone, but considering how badly Verizon was treating the phone maybe this will wake their asses up and perhaps, just perhaps, if Google gives them another exclusive on a Nexus phone in the future they’ll be a bit more responsible about its release.

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